Wk11- Student Interview-

For Week 11, I was able to make new friends with Melanie Colli, a third year who is currently pursing a degree in screenwriting. As a film major, you can imagine my excitement meeting someone in my major! I was eager to know Melanie wanted to pursue a career in film and was intrigued to know that she found her path in screenwriting by writing short stories and reading popular anime and manga books. Melanie’s career passion is to write and create story lines and further develop video games, such as a Disney game. After exchanging interests in film we also shared our interests in other fields such as drawing and why we both appreciated and participated in art projects. Melanie also shares an interest in Korean music, Japanese music, and Punk Rock music; as a fan of all genres of music, I can appreciate Melanie’s eccentric taste in music! Overall, it was a pleasure to meet Melanie and I hope to see her name on the big screen when she pursues a career in screenwriting! (:

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Wk11- Artist Interview- Wesley Hicks

Observing Welsley Hick’s several art pieces, I couldn’t be more intrigues by the shape, color, and detail of each piece. None of the pieces were the same as they all seemingly displayed a different trait. My favorite of the art pieces was the 4 square pieces that had different 3 dimensional parts that studded each clay square, reminding me of little pins that studded clothing. I also loved the piece that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I love Egyptian history so seeing these pieces was really cool. I think each piece has its own character that allowed any audience to interpret what it meant and what it was. Wesley has a certain character to his work that reminds me of science fiction movies. If Wesley ever gets the chance, I think he should pursue a career in set design, his ability to interpret shapes into art pieces is amazing and would be quite useful in a science fiction design.

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Wk10- Activity – Photography (Landscape with a Corpse)

This week’s activity was super fun and I loved that it was the topic of photography again. I absolutely love photography and love playing around with color, shape, and design. At first I was going to do a generic “death” scene but I figured if this week’s theme was photography, I should take advantage of it. Since this week was Halloween I was inspired to do a theme using simple but effective costuming and design. With the help of my roommate and some props, I was able to create a beautiful scene using the theme of Disney Princesses. Playing on the deaths of the famous Disney Princesses, I recreated the scenes in a much more modern setting, using costuming and locations to set the tone. Since my roommate had a really pretty blue dress, I asked if she would help me with my project while I took the pictures myself. Living in a dorm, Im a little limited to resources but I made due with what I had and it actually turned out really well! I chose to do a Snow White and Cinderella theme. Using an apple and a really pretty flour planter, I had my roommate Deana position herself like she was draped over a well that can be seen in the Snow White movie. With the dew studded grass and vibrant blue color of her dress, I think the shots came out amazing and really pretty. Overall, I am extremely happy with how this photo shoot came out and actually hope to further develop my Disney theme. Below are three shots from the Snow White scene.

disneyyyyyyyyy disneyyyyyyyyyyy disneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wk10- Student Interview- Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores, a Junior here at CSU Long Beach is a business major who commutes from home. Almost immediately Jessica was super friendly and engaged in conversation with me, despite me being a total stranger. Jessica was super nice and I found out we had a lot in common than I anticipated! We both enjoy music particularly Katy perry and our favorite holiday is Halloween, which was only a day after this interview. She also enjoys rock and country music and has a keen interest for working out. It appears Jessica is deeply into working out as she practices gymnastics four times a week. I could tell just from talking to her that she was a hard worker as well as having a steady head on her shoulders. Not only is Jessica a student a trained gymnastic, she also balances her hectic school schedule with work, working at a local INN-N-Out. Jessica also shared with me that she just got a kitten as was really excited to take care of it which is super cool because I appreciate those who adopt animals, especially those in need of a good home. Overall it was nice talking to Jessica and getting to know one more classmate in my Art110 class. It’s quite difficult to make friends being a freshman in a city that’s unfamiliar, so I enjoy being able to get out there and meet new people.

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Wk10- Artist Interview- Maggie Freed

This week I am reviewing Maggie Freed’s untiled oil painting. A true work of art, this piece spoke to me thought the various shades of magenta as well as the different geometrical shapes that made up the large painting. Almost immediately it caught my attention and I couldn’t help but admire its appearance. Oddly it reminded me of music, like the cover art of a Coldplay or U2 album. Music, much like art, can mimic feelings and this painting in particular gave me a sense of excitement and I couldn’t almost feel what the painting was trying to portray. This painting also reminded me of music because it looked like a abstract outfit worm by Lady Gaga, as much of her dresses and outfits resemble works of art.  It also reminded me of an extreme close up of a red ruby gem or a rhinestone. A huge fan of pink and magenta, the colors also caught my eye and I immediately fell in love with it. I think the reason the artist, Maggie Freed chose to untitled it was because she wanted you to dream up your own hypothesis of what you (the audience) think the painting means and title it yourself. I love this painting and also loved what other pieces Maggie had to offer.

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Wk9- Student Interview- Savannah Cheung

This week I got to meet Savannah Cheung, a freshman here at CSU Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is considering pursuing a degree in Interior Design. Savannah’s passion for interior design began when she took theatre in high school. Savannah also takes an interest in design, drawing, painting, and sculpting, interests that are definitely handy in the field of interior design. Other hobbies Savannah likes to do on her free time are hiking, going to the park with friends, and going to the on campus gym to work out, especially rock climbing! Interviewing Savannah I could tell she had a big heart for her family especially when she shared that she and her older brother like to take time out of their busy college schedules to take their little brother out for a day of fun. Since she is the only girl in her family Savannah often likes to play video games with her brothers and her cousins whenever she can.

Since my favorite hobbies include music and traveling, I often like to ask what the other person’s music and traveling interests are and if they have any experiences on family vacations or if they’ve been to any concerts. Savannah shared that before she began college her family often liked to take road trips to places such as South Dakota, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yosemite, and Big Bear. I shared some of my traveling experiences and also exchanged some of my music experiences at concerts and events. I liked her story about the concert signing/concert event she attended for the rock band Weezer because I think it’s neat that she supported them by pre-ordering their album and going to see them. Music has always played a big part in my life so I love to hear stories about how music has influenced other people’s lives. Savannah was really fun and interesting to interview and I hope she continues to pursue her career path in interior design.

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Wk9- Artist Interview- Andre Stevenson

Visiting Andre Stevenson’s curated gallery of “rejected and unfavorably criticized work” by the disciplines at the CSULB Art School I found each art piece to be fascinating. One piece that stood out to me in particular was a large poster drawing of a Rock-N-Roll roll skeleton fashioned in black and white. Growing up hearing with various rock bands with my dad, this poser immediately drew my attention. It reminded me of the concert posters, stickers, and band t-shirts my dad would have. Of course they aren’t supposed to be considered “beautiful” but they do display a unique quality to them that makes them appealing. Most rock band shirts are in all black and white with some sort of skeleton such as the Misfits, Social Distortion, and Korn. Something about this poster seemed right to me, it brought me back to a familiar place to which I found the poster to be appealing and a work of art. I’m not quite sure you can limit an artist to what an “appropriate” work of art is. Of course there is art that can be labeled as too risqué or controversial but isn’t that what art is for, self expression? Perhaps this poster wouldn’t be the first choice for a traditional art gallery but in my opinion I think this poster is a great example of pop art, exposing the genre of punk rock and heavy metal bands.

Looking at the art technique perspective of this piece, it’s astonishing how detailed this painting is. There’s so many defining lines and minor details that I can’t imagine how much time the artist must have taken to get their idea fleshed out onto paper.  I wish I could see more of this artist’s work as I can tell they have a large influence from rock band posters and logos. I found this piece to be particularly charming and Im glad Andre Stevenson was able to bring this poster to light, allowing an audience to see it and appreciate it.

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