Film Archive

 The Turning Point (2012)

This is the first ever video project I did in high school and it was a great experience to write and shoot this short silent film with some of the students in my class. We also won an award for Best Suspense at our high school’s annual film festival. 


Cub Scout (2013)

Cub Scout was my group and I’s second video that competed against 10 other films in our school’s annual Husky Film Festival in Spring of 2013. I wrote the script for this film and helped with the  music selection as well. Collaboratively we won 4 awards for this film and I personally won the Billy Wilder Best Screenplay award. Together took home the title of Best Picture. 


Princess of China (Coldplay ft. Rihanna) Concept Music Video (2013)

After working with my team of 4 girls, I was able to branch away from a group and create a video completely on my own. Our assignment was to create our own music video, which I was extremely excited for since I have always wanted to direct a video on my own with my vision of the song. Surprisingly, this song sort of fell into my lap and I just decided to go with it. Once I listened to the song multiple times I began to draft some ideas of what I wanted the concept to be and I also referenced the graffitied cover photo of the song as inspiration for the illustration and look of the music video. Overall, I was happy with the way my video came out and was extremely gracious for my actors for the long hours they put into helping me make this video. 


Santeria Bones Song (2013)

As part of one of our major projects of the school year in my Anatomy & Physiology class, my table and I were assigned to redo a song that changed the lyrics to fit the subject of the bones in the body. We chose to do Sublime’s song Santeria as our platform. It was really fun to rewrite this song and sing it as well. 


I Would (One Direction) Concept Music Video (2014)

In my senior year I took a Video/TV Production class and made another music video using One Direction’s I Would. As a fan of One Direction I found making this video to me really fun and another way to let my creativity soar. With the help of some friends/classmates this video was one of teacher’s favorite in the class and I am extremely proud of our hard work. 


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