Wk15- Artist Interview- Hyeri Kim

I am so happy to have my last week’s post about Hyeri Kim’s jewelry exhibition because the last jewelry exhibit was by far one of my favorites, so I was extremely excited to see more amazing jewelry pieces. Hyeri has such a craft for making jewelry and I loved the intricate designs and materials used to make each piece. Hyeri certainly has an eye for design, and since the exhibit was a resemblance of a wedding, the dress she designed and pieces to go with it were simply amazing. My favorite part of the dress was the tiny pieces of gold sheeting inside of the fabric of the sleeves. The dress was simply divine and I love that she chose a nice shade of green and pearls to accentuate the design of the dress. I also like that she used some diamonds to accent the medal plate of the necklace, giving the overall pearl necklace a very 1920s, Great Gatsby charm to it. I wish I got to take one of the jewelry pieces home with me, especially the diamond ring, which was probably my favorite piece from the whole exhibit because of its elegance and meaning of purity, symbolizing a whole new beginning with marriage. I can only imagine what other pieces Hyeri has to offer and hope she makes it in the jewelry business one day. I would defiantly buy one of her pieces! (:

Artist Tag: hyerikim

photo 8 photo 9 photo 6 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 photo 7


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