Wk 15- Student Interview- Salina Chavez

For my final week of student interviews, I ended my semester by meeting one of the most influential interviewees I have met this semester, Salina Chavez. Salina is a third year who is currently studying in Child Development, with a minor in Recreation. Upon meeting Salina, I could tell almost immediately that she was a serious student with high ambitions. One thing that I have learned as a freshman at CSULB, is the dedication that students have towards their academics and life long career goals, something you never really got to see too often in a high school setting. Salina dedicates her time as an assistant director at the YMCA in Long Beach helping children ranging from Kindergarten to 2nd grade with homework as well as engaging them in recreational activities in between. While she’s not involved at school or the YMCA, Salina enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, and engaging in any type of sports since she is a fan of all types of sports. Something that was quite interesting to learn about Salina was that she has 7 tattoos. I asked for her to explain the level of pain she went through while getting the tattoos. (Ouch!) To my dismay, the one that hurt the least was the small tattoo on behind her ear, the one that hurt the most was a small paw tattoo she had on hand between her thumb and index finger. I couldn’t have been happier to have interviewed Salina and I wish her the best in her upcoming studies and her goal to become the head director at the YMCA. Good luck Salina! (:

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