Wk 13- Student Interview- Marlene Gonzalez

This week I interviewed Marlene Gonzalez, a third year with a major in child development. I think Marlene is by far my favorite interviewee because she was so nice and we got to talking and getting to know each other. Marlene and I shared a lot in common including are interest in American Top 40 radio, Bruno Mars being one of our favorite singers, and are love for Italian food. Yum! Before coming to CSULB, Marlene was on a swim team. Since one of my favorite things to do is travel, I asked Marlene if she and her family do any traveling and was surprised to learn that every summer she and her family enjoy traveling to Mexico, visiting the Caribbean and Cancun. Sharing some of my travel experiences, I was happy to know that ore of her dream vacations in to Greece. When I visited Greece I absolutely loved it so I recommended some fun things to do and some of the site seeing she should do when she gets the opportunity to go there. Marlene also shared that she has an appreciation for jazz music since her boyfriend and her dad enjoy listening to it. Marlene has so many interesting passions, one of them being to travel to Greece and parts of Africa and learn more about these countries and how they differentiate from the other. Marlene was a pleasure to interview and I hope to one day see in her blogs some of her experiences traveling and meeting new people. I wish nothing but the best for her and hope she accomplishes all her goals.

Interview Tag: gonmarlene.wordpress.com

photo 5


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