Wk12- Student Interview- Alonzo Urita

This week, I got the great pleasure of meeting Alonzo Urita in my Art 110 class. Alonzo was super sweet and was gracious enough to help me conduct an interview since everyone seemed to be partnered up. To mix the interview up a little, I found some interesting and fun questions to ask that required some out of the box thinking than average questions. To ease into the more out of the box questions, I first learned that Alonzo is currently a freshman student who is currently a mechanical engineering major. Alonzo also has 4 siblings, a brother and three sisters and commutes to school daily from Southgate. I then began asking the new questions I had acquired and first asked if he could try any job for a day what would it be. Alonzo replied with being a film producer with came to a great surprise since I am a film major. I asked why he would choose this job and he responded by saying that he had an interest in film and graphic design, something I found to be very cool! I also asked if he could have a movie made about his life, who would he want to play himself and he responded with Jake T Austin, a very fitting choice since not only is Jake T Austin an amazing actor, he also looks a lot like Alonzo! (: Active in many clubs and school sports in high school, Alonzo is incredibly involved in academics as well as extracurricular activities. It was truly a pleasure to meet Alonzo and I got to learn a lot about him. I will defiantly use these questions in future interviews, they make each interview different, mixing up the process and adding a little more fun and flare to each answer.

Artist Tag: alonzourita.com



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