Wk11- Student Interview-

For Week 11, I was able to make new friends with Melanie Colli, a third year who is currently pursing a degree in screenwriting. As a film major, you can imagine my excitement meeting someone in my major! I was eager to know Melanie wanted to pursue a career in film and was intrigued to know that she found her path in screenwriting by writing short stories and reading popular anime and manga books. Melanie’s career passion is to write and create story lines and further develop video games, such as a Disney game. After exchanging interests in film we also shared our interests in other fields such as drawing and why we both appreciated and participated in art projects. Melanie also shares an interest in Korean music, Japanese music, and Punk Rock music; as a fan of all genres of music, I can appreciate Melanie’s eccentric taste in music! Overall, it was a pleasure to meet Melanie and I hope to see her name on the big screen when she pursues a career in screenwriting! (:

Interview Tag: melaniecolli.com



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