Wk11- Artist Interview- Wesley Hicks

Observing Welsley Hick’s several art pieces, I couldn’t be more intrigues by the shape, color, and detail of each piece. None of the pieces were the same as they all seemingly displayed a different trait. My favorite of the art pieces was the 4 square pieces that had different 3 dimensional parts that studded each clay square, reminding me of little pins that studded clothing. I also loved the piece that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I love Egyptian history so seeing these pieces was really cool. I think each piece has its own character that allowed any audience to interpret what it meant and what it was. Wesley has a certain character to his work that reminds me of science fiction movies. If Wesley ever gets the chance, I think he should pursue a career in set design, his ability to interpret shapes into art pieces is amazing and would be quite useful in a science fiction design.

Artist Tag: WesleyHicks

unnamed-1unnamed-2 unnamed-3


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