Wk11-Activity-My Choice (Resin)

This week I chose to challenge myself and use resin as a medium of art. However, learning how to use Resin wasn’t as easy as I and anticipated. Since my dad is a part time artist, I thought it would be a great opportunity for both of us to learn how to make resin models. Our initial goal was to make a giant gummy bear with clay skeletal anatomy inside and submerge it into the colored resin mixture. Resin surprisingly has a lot to do with chemicals and is one of those art projects that is an exact science. We learned very quickly what to do and what not to do when making the resin mixture! We first started with the front of the gummy bear mold by placing the skeleton pieces into the mold and then filling the mold with the resin solution. Resin models take about 12 hours to fully cure and be able to remove. Subsequently, the first resin model didn’t come out as planned and we were a bit disappointed with our results. However, my dad and I recovered and went back to the drawing board to see what we could do with what we had. Carefully removing the pieces, we used the backside of the gummy bear mold and placed the skeletal pieces inside. So instead of a full gummy bear, we used the remaining clay pieces and turned it into a Day of the Dead looking gummy bear, exposing the skeletal pieces. Our initial idea may have not tuned out as expected, but overall it was an interesting learning experience since the art of resin was new to both of us. Overall, I thought our project ended up looking cool, and a bit different than your average cute gummy bear. Dressing it up with a few sugar skulls and some marigolds, I think this piece offers something new, different, and a bit interesting.



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