Wk10- Student Interview- Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores, a Junior here at CSU Long Beach is a business major who commutes from home. Almost immediately Jessica was super friendly and engaged in conversation with me, despite me being a total stranger. Jessica was super nice and I found out we had a lot in common than I anticipated! We both enjoy music particularly Katy perry and our favorite holiday is Halloween, which was only a day after this interview. She also enjoys rock and country music and has a keen interest for working out. It appears Jessica is deeply into working out as she practices gymnastics four times a week. I could tell just from talking to her that she was a hard worker as well as having a steady head on her shoulders. Not only is Jessica a student a trained gymnastic, she also balances her hectic school schedule with work, working at a local INN-N-Out. Jessica also shared with me that she just got a kitten as was really excited to take care of it which is super cool because I appreciate those who adopt animals, especially those in need of a good home. Overall it was nice talking to Jessica and getting to know one more classmate in my Art110 class. It’s quite difficult to make friends being a freshman in a city that’s unfamiliar, so I enjoy being able to get out there and meet new people.

Student Tag: jessicaflores1994.wordpress.com



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