Wk10- Artist Interview- Maggie Freed

This week I am reviewing Maggie Freed’s untiled oil painting. A true work of art, this piece spoke to me thought the various shades of magenta as well as the different geometrical shapes that made up the large painting. Almost immediately it caught my attention and I couldn’t help but admire its appearance. Oddly it reminded me of music, like the cover art of a Coldplay or U2 album. Music, much like art, can mimic feelings and this painting in particular gave me a sense of excitement and I couldn’t almost feel what the painting was trying to portray. This painting also reminded me of music because it looked like a abstract outfit worm by Lady Gaga, as much of her dresses and outfits resemble works of art.  It also reminded me of an extreme close up of a red ruby gem or a rhinestone. A huge fan of pink and magenta, the colors also caught my eye and I immediately fell in love with it. I think the reason the artist, Maggie Freed chose to untitled it was because she wanted you to dream up your own hypothesis of what you (the audience) think the painting means and title it yourself. I love this painting and also loved what other pieces Maggie had to offer.

Artist Tag: maggiefreed

photo 1


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