Wk10- Activity – Photography (Landscape with a Corpse)

This week’s activity was super fun and I loved that it was the topic of photography again. I absolutely love photography and love playing around with color, shape, and design. At first I was going to do a generic “death” scene but I figured if this week’s theme was photography, I should take advantage of it. Since this week was Halloween I was inspired to do a theme using simple but effective costuming and design. With the help of my roommate and some props, I was able to create a beautiful scene using the theme of Disney Princesses. Playing on the deaths of the famous Disney Princesses, I recreated the scenes in a much more modern setting, using costuming and locations to set the tone. Since my roommate had a really pretty blue dress, I asked if she would help me with my project while I took the pictures myself. Living in a dorm, Im a little limited to resources but I made due with what I had and it actually turned out really well! I chose to do a Snow White and Cinderella theme. Using an apple and a really pretty flour planter, I had my roommate Deana position herself like she was draped over a well that can be seen in the Snow White movie. With the dew studded grass and vibrant blue color of her dress, I think the shots came out amazing and really pretty. Overall, I am extremely happy with how this photo shoot came out and actually hope to further develop my Disney theme. Below are three shots from the Snow White scene.

disneyyyyyyyyy disneyyyyyyyyyyy disneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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