Wk9- Artist Interview- Andre Stevenson

Visiting Andre Stevenson’s curated gallery of “rejected and unfavorably criticized work” by the disciplines at the CSULB Art School I found each art piece to be fascinating. One piece that stood out to me in particular was a large poster drawing of a Rock-N-Roll roll skeleton fashioned in black and white. Growing up hearing with various rock bands with my dad, this poser immediately drew my attention. It reminded me of the concert posters, stickers, and band t-shirts my dad would have. Of course they aren’t supposed to be considered “beautiful” but they do display a unique quality to them that makes them appealing. Most rock band shirts are in all black and white with some sort of skeleton such as the Misfits, Social Distortion, and Korn. Something about this poster seemed right to me, it brought me back to a familiar place to which I found the poster to be appealing and a work of art. I’m not quite sure you can limit an artist to what an “appropriate” work of art is. Of course there is art that can be labeled as too risqué or controversial but isn’t that what art is for, self expression? Perhaps this poster wouldn’t be the first choice for a traditional art gallery but in my opinion I think this poster is a great example of pop art, exposing the genre of punk rock and heavy metal bands.

Looking at the art technique perspective of this piece, it’s astonishing how detailed this painting is. There’s so many defining lines and minor details that I can’t imagine how much time the artist must have taken to get their idea fleshed out onto paper.  I wish I could see more of this artist’s work as I can tell they have a large influence from rock band posters and logos. I found this piece to be particularly charming and Im glad Andre Stevenson was able to bring this poster to light, allowing an audience to see it and appreciate it.

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