Wk8- Student Interview- Mariela Herrera

Meeting Mariela was a true privilege and I am so glad to have met a woman with such charisma and strength towards her goals in school and her future career. Almost immediately I Mariela had an amazing attitude and was nice enough to let me interview her. A criminal justice major, Mariela is focusing on her third year of college while balancing a job as a public safety officer at a police station in Long Beach. Hearing Mariela talk about her job as a public safety officer and how she is balancing her job and school, I got the sense that she had a incredible head on her shoulders and was focusing on getting her degree and eventually a job as the police officer. Aside from an intense school and work schedule, Mariela sets aside time for a good hike with her boyfriend every Sunday to release her mind of all worries and stress, allowing herself to have one day to herself to recover. Upon interviewing her, we found a common interest in music and TV show Criminal Minds. We also enjoy singing in the comfort of our own home when no one is around to judge us; we both agreed it was a nice way to release stress and be ourselves without the pressure of having someone judge us on our voice. Like myself, Mariela is an avid traveler and has traveled to over 6 states and has also visited Mexico. I hope to remain close friends with Mariel a because I enjoyed her company and loved her passion to succeed and follow through with her dreams and aspirations, something I admire in anyone with a passion as big as mine!

Student Tag: marielah21.wordpress.com



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