Wk8- Artist Interview- Yingying Fu

Born in Qinhuangdao, China, Yingying Fu is an American painter who portrays her vision of the golden Californian sunlight through her canvases with the stroke of a brush. Observing these paintings I couldn’t help but be utterly captivated by the use of color and shadows in each painting. They colors were so vivid you could almost feel the warmth of the sun and imagine yourself laying on the sun-kissed sand of the golden coast of California beaches. Yingying also has an amazing eye for the positions in which people lay on the sand and bathe in the sunlight. The painting that captured my eye the most out of all three painting was the sunset painting with the four people by the water. I loved the mixture of warm colors that made the haze of the sunset as it settled into the horizon of the ocean. The cool colors of the ocean made reminded me of the chilling touch of the crashing ocean waves as the brushed past your feet as the rolled by. What I loved and appreciated most about Yingying’s paintings is the realism behind each one of them, pairing a truthful depiction of a trip to the beach. The visitors aren’t all tanned with beach bodies, Yingying displays the families, couples, and young adults that line the beach, soaking up the sun. Not only did the truthful depictions of the paintings appeal to me but her perspective in human figures was outstanding, each begging perfectly proportioned, along with the shadows cast on them as the sun beams upon them. Yingyang is incredibly talented and I can’t explain how appreciative I am of her talent and abilities to paint her portrayal of a California beach onto a canvas.

Artist Tag: Yingying Fu

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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