Wk8- Activity- ePortfolio

For Week 8’s activity I created a sub-page in my Word Press website categorized as Film Archives which display some of the short films and music videos I have made throughout the past two years. These videos were really fun to make and as a current film major it was a way to release my creativity and display my ideas from paper to screen. Each video is different and unique in its own way and displays many different story lines, mediums, and ideas. My audience for my Film Archives page is anyone ranging from filmmakers or film aficionados. I aim to display the many ideas and way in which I can portray a story as well as how I piece them together to be entertaining and portrayals of my vision. As far as communicating with my audience, they are able to click on any of the video links below and watch the videos and leave comments if they’d like. Any feedback is encouraged as it will better my understanding on what to approve upon and what I should continue doing. I am achieving this communication my embedding my videos onto this page so that the viewer has simple and effective access to the projects I have done as well as short descriptions of them above each video link. For access to my Film Archives page please visit this site: https://cheyennenochoa.wordpress.com/film-archive/

photo 1 photo 2photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7


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