Wk7- Artist Interview- Kenita Hale

Week 7’s exhibit “The Afterparty” is by far my favorite art installation and exhibit I’ve seen so far! It had a certain feel and aura about it that made the whole thing so surreal and amazing. The set up from the beginning was very thought out and I love the circus feel that the decorative tent gave the entire piece, keeping out the light and making the atmosphere dark and inviting. The inside of the tent was even more outstanding as large headstones decorated the floor in gold surrounded by little t-light candles. The whole thing was absolutely daft and had a certain touch of creativity I had never seen before, each detail outlined perfectly. The headstones with the creepy faces on them reminded me of a scene out of Indiana Jones, all that was missing was the eastern european music and it was feel just like a scene from the movie. I can’t explain how amazing this installation was and I was taken back by all the details and t-lights that filled the room.

I also found the poster and the stained glass windows to be rather fitting for the theme and loved every inch of it. The wax handles also added a nice touch and again reminded me of a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie. I would definitely love to see more of Kenita Hale’s work and understand what their inspiration for the piece was. The whole experience of observing and taking in the installation was amazing and I love seeing this type of artwork come to life with a whole set up that you are able to walk around and observe.

Artist Tag: Kenita Hale

photo 3 photo 4

photo 1 photo 2


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