This week’s activity was painting, specifically in the form of graffiti. I wasn’t able to access any spray paint but I practiced on paper the techniques of drawing graffiti bubble letters, soothing that looked quite difficult to do at first as I am not a good artist. However, after attempting it for the fourth time, I finally got a hang of it and was quite happy with how it turned out. My dad has played a huge roll in my passion for art and I enjoyed being able to draw and play around with the different shapeless and colors. My name is a little long so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit it on the paper but it worked in my favor as it filled the whole paper perfectly!

The culture of graffiti is fascinating and seeing examples of other artists’ work was really interesting and I drew off of some of their ideas and infused them into mine to make the bubble letters cooler looking that they were as just in black and white. I also took my dad’s advice to do bright colors instead of dark so the letters pop out more and graffiti is mostly in bright colors. I have always had an appreciation for tasteful graffiti artwork, especially when I was filming my music video for Coldplay’s Princess of China and used the graffiti album cover artwork as inspiration. I took my actors to the art district of Little Tokyo and places them in front of some of the large graffiti pieces that masked the entire walls of building. In my opinion, the artwork was quite beautiful and I felt extremely lucky to have found such artwork as painting large graffiti pieces on walls is one of the artist’s only way of expressing their individuality and art. Doing this activity was fun and although I wasn’t able to fully paint my name in spray paint, it was still fun to get a taste of writing in graffiti style and coloring it to make it look more unique and fun.

Step 1:

photo 3

Step 2:

photo 2

Step 3:

photo 1


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