Wk6- Student Interview- Minyon Spencer

This week I was fortunate to meet Minyon Spencer, a freshman at CSULB just like me! She was super nice and what caught my eye was her Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour T-shirt. I love Bruno Mars’ music so I felt like I had to talk to her about how the tour was and what other types of music she liked. To my surprise, Minyon and I had a lot in common, which made it really easy to talk to her. Like Minyon, we both shared an interest in “Mean Girls’, “Grease” and the hit musical “Chicago”. Those, along with a few other movies she mentioned, are some of my favorite movies, especially Grease!

Talking about some of the music she liked, we also have an interest in Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Pink. Talking about the Bruno Mars tour I was so excited to hear about the details of her experience. Minyon seemed very ecstatic about going to see him and she said he was absolutely amazing and even better in person than he was on CD. I also talked to Minyon about traveling and found that we both have a passion to travel, she mostly traveled around the U.S. and I traveled different countries around the world, I hope to see more of the U.S. however as I have never been to New York! Getting to know Minyon I felt we had a lot in common and I hope to talk to her more about her music interests and movie interests as those are both two off my favorite things!

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