Wk6-Artist Interview-Various Artists

On Thursday I got the pleasure of seeing the Labyrinth at the Gatov Gallery. It was by far my favorite gallery I’ve seen so far because of its detailed and out of the box ideas. One piece in particular that caught my attention was the deer/human mannequin. It was a little creepy in a sense with the body of a human and a head of a deer. However, it was because of these oddities that I found it to be appealing and attractive. I wondered what could have made the artist think of doing this piece because it was so different then anything I’ve ever seen and I wish I could have sat down with the artist to talk about what inspired them to do the piece.

Fortunately I was able to hear a little bit about the sugar/foam piece from one of the artists and how he made it. In order to make the body of the person laying down, he began with a 3D printer that slowly scanned his as he layer down and from there it made his body into sections and he pieced them together to form the piece. (The entire D printer process taking him a little over a month to do) From there he covered the body in sugar, creating a snowy and intricate scene. This was also one of my favorite pieces because the entire piece reminded me of a scene in a wintery cold place such as Narnia. Describing his experience with the 3D printer, he also talked about the little wax head that was actually intended to be a full head but was unfortunately a project gone wrong, but needed up being cool and strong enough to present at the Labyrinth show.

Overall I absolutely loved the Labyrinth show and all the pieces that made it. Each piece was unique and had a medium that displayed true artisanship and I feel fortunate that I get to be exposed to new forms of art each week. Seeing these pieces of art, I am more open minded about seeing artwork and understudying the meanings behind them.

Artist Tag: Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3unnamed


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