Wk6- Activity-Drawing (French Girls App)

For Week 6’s activity we used the new drawing app French Girls that allows you to take a “Selfie” and in return, draw a stranger’s photo. Personally I thought this activity was the best one so far! I loved being surprised by just picking a random photo and then attempting to replicate with only my finger and the app template! It was quite difficult but I enjoyed it very much. I was surprised to how decent my drawings came out since I was only using the screen of my phone to draw and my index finger. It was neat to see all the people who used French Girls, as well as the many talented artists that draw some exquisite pictures of the selfies! Some were direct replicas drawings of the person while others were inspired by something in the pictures, swapping faces of the two subjects in the photo, adding onto the picture taken, or interpreting what they see in different way. Unfortunately my picture wasn’t drawn but I didn’t mind, I had a lot of fun seeing other people’s work as well as drawing pictures myself. I didn’t know how much talent could be displayed through an app of digital drawing but I was really inspired and impressed by what I saw!

Overall this was my favorite activity to do and I spent almost an hour just drawing portraits because it was so much fun! I will definitely keep this app and use it to be creative or to just pass time since it was so fun! I will also recommend this to my friends and my dad who loves to use digital medium of art! (:

photophoto 1 photo 3


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