Wk5- Student Conversation- Conny Ramirez

This week I got the please of meeting CSULB Freshman Conny Ramirez. Conny was extremely nice and I was so happy to have met her since we had a gray conversation about our majors, our goals, and about stories about trips we both took. Getting to know Conny a little more I found out that she had a deep admiration for books, particular books that took place in dystopian eras. Some of her favorite books included Brave New World, The Odyssey, and the Divergent series. As a college student I always like to ask what a few of their goals are; Conny’s being to decide her major, not failing her math class, to graduate, and get a job out of college. Agreeing with her goals, I could tell that Conny has a great head on her shoulders and she took everything she did, especially her school work, seriously. As a film major I also took it upon myself to ask what some of her favorite movies are, some of which included the Amazing Spiderman, the Fault In Our Stars, and the entire Marvel film series, all of which I love!

Once my interview for Conny was finished she began hers about me. I told of my travels to China, Japan, England, and Greece all of which she found interesting. It felt awesome to share my stories because at first glance I don’t really show much of an interesting background. However, once I break out of my shell I find it easy to talk to people and share some of my interests and stories. It was also nice to hear stories of Conny’s travels and why she liked visiting the many place such as Mexico that she has gone to. I had an amazing conversation with Conny and I can’t express how grateful I am to have met her and get to know her. Making friends isn’t something Im so good at due to my shyness, however I found it extremely easy to talk to Conny and I hope to continue getting to know her and share more stories of our travels and interests.

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