Wk4-Student Interview-Matthew Savedra

Interviewing Matthew this week, I knew instantly that he was a person I wanted to be around and become friends with. He was extremely funny and we both shared a similar interest in music such as Ed Sheeran and Beyonce. With a major in Business at CSULB I was also surprised to learn that he was also a Freshman like I was. It was nice to see someone with as much enthusiasm about going to college and graduating as I did, something I found difficult to find in high school.

I actually met Matthew through my new friend Emily whom I met and interviewed two week before in this class. They are both extremely nice and have been so nice to hang out and carpool with me and spend this week’s plaster casting activity with me at the beach. As a college Freshman it can be extremely difficult to find friends, especially with a shy personality that I have. However, I was happy to meet new friends though this class and hope to be their friends through and beyond college. Although I can be extremely shy, I am glad to have this interview as part of my assignment so it allows me to break out of my shell and meet new people. I hope to see Matthew and Emily more often and continue to do our projects together with them.

Student Tag:  matthewsavedra.wordpress.com

photo 4


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