Wk4-Artist Interview-Jeannette Viveros

Seeing Jeannette Vivero’s art installation for Utterly Pink, I was immediately captivated by the use of the color pink, as it is one of my favorite colors! I couldn’t believe how amazing the fuzzy warm pink walls were. I have never seen an art installation quote like it before and was amazed by the softness and femininity that projected through the walls and the sequins strings that hung from the ceiling. It was simplicity at its very finest, not too flashy but just enough to present the idea at hand.

Approaching the installation further I was at first, puzzled to what the hooks meant in it all. I though the hooks were odd but found it to be quite fitting for some reason. The many shades of pink represented in the strings hanging from the ceilings added an extra punch to the bright pink walls in the background. I found the piece to be especially attracting to me because I absolutely love the color pink and I loved the girly feel behind it. Reading Jeannette’s synopsis of her art piece, I was interested in what inspired her to create it. The three separate paragraphs each representing a different fact about the color pink were very interesting and something I never even knew about. I found a deep appreciation for Jeannette Viveros’ work and hope to see more of it on and off the CSULB campus. (:

Artist Tag: Jeannette Viveros

photo photo 2photo 3


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