Wk4-Activity-Plaster Casting

For Week 4’s activity, my friends Emily, Matthew and I visited Seal Beach and met up with a couple classmates and Professor Zucman for some fun in the sun and our plaster casting project. It was super fun to get out of the classroom and experience class outside and do something enjoyable.

Our day started off by buying the plaster and bring the necessary materials for our cast. Once digging holes into the wet sand, we then placed our hands into the hole and packed more sand tightly around our hands to shape the mold. Carefully removing our hands from the sand, we then created the concoction of ocean water and plaster powder to pour into our casting molds. Waiting for about 30 minutes, I helped carefully remove access sand from Emily and Matthew’s cast, which both came out great! To pass time, we played Heads Up, a game app that is similar to Headbands and charades combined. It was so fun to have fun with friends while still doing a school project! Once my mold was ready to be removed, I carefully dusted around the visible plaster cast and loosened the sand to free the plaster from its mold. I was surprised and happy to see that the plaster had reached all the way to the tips of my fingers in the mold to form an entire hand! After, we enjoyed an amazing ice tea blend that Professor Zucman brought to the beach (which I believe to be the best ice tea I’ve ever tasted!)

Dusting sand off of our plaster cast we packed up to go home and ran a bit to eat on the way. Overall, the plaster casting activity is by far my favorite activity and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially seeing other peers in my class doing the same thing and have as much fun as I did. Not only did we get to go to the beach and taste the most delicious ice tea, we got to bond as a ground and have fun making our plaster casts. (: Thank you for a fun day Professor Zucman!

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