Wk3- Student Interview- Kiana Lightbourn

During the art gallery showing, I met a new friend Kiana Lightbourn who like me, was also a freshman as CSULB. It was interesting getting to know her as I could tell she had a deep passion for reading, marine biology, and music. Kiana was extremely sweet and was very eager to get to know me and what I had an interest in. I found her extremely easy to talk to and very interesting as she spoke of the many times she and her family visited the Aquarium of the Pacific, studying the many sea life animals and birds that were exhibited there. From talking to Kiana about her passion for marine biology (which is also her major) I immediately felt that she was a great example of someone who is perfect for their major and their career choice. Speaking to her I also learned she had 4 dogs, 3 turtles, 4 cars, a goldfish, and 3 hamsters.

Learning more about each other we began talking about some of our goals both short term and long term, some of which we actually had in common. Like Kiana, my goal was to get my drivers license by December and graduate college. One thing I found interesting about Kiana’s goal was her dream to earn a Masters Degree and work for National Geographic. Conducting this interview was a nice way to get to know more of my peers and to compare our interests with each other. In essence, although we live different lives, we are in some way connected through our passions and interests as college students. I hope to stay in touch with Kiana throughout my career here at CSU Long Beach.

Student tag: kianalightbourn.wordpress.com



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