Wk2-Student Interview- Emily Bondoc

Interviewing Emily Bodoc, a college freshman like myself, I found that we had a lot in common. Similarly, we both love to travel, we love movies, and were both part of many clubs on famous in high school. The minute I met Emily she was so sweet and extremely outgoing. Getting to know her, I realized how open minded she was about the world and everything it had to offer. Learning about her  major and what she desired to pursue as a career, I knew she would be successful. Her character felt very welcoming and intriguing, making it very easy to talk to her.

We were both passionate about traveling and discovering she had visited London around the same time I had went this year, I was so excited to share my experiences since England was my favorite vacation I’ve ever been on. My passion to travel becomes comes from a past of traveling around the world with my mom (something I am very fortunate of being able to do) and sharing and exchanging experiences is one of my favorite things to do. It was also interesting to learn that we have the same desire to study abroad in England, something I hope to accomplish my sophomore year in college. Another passion of mine, which also plays into my major, is film. Discussing our favorite movies I was intrigued to hear that Emily not only watched movies but emotionally connected to the message, a characteristic I find absolutely fascinating about films. We then went into talking about our high school experiences and joining clubs. I had great respect for Emily when she spoke of being part of the Filipino Club on her campus and I had too been part of several clubs my senior year.

Meeting Emily was a great experience an another opportunity to make friends with some of the people in my Art 110 class. It was very nice meeting someone who I have many shared interests and hobbies with along with the shared passion to travel, excel in school, and begin a successful career where we can make a difference. I hope to keep in contact with Emily and make new friends along the way in my class.

Artist Tag:  emilyannebondoc.wordpress.com

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