Wk2-Artist Interview-Brittany Mojo

UCLA student Brittany Mojo presents a very interesting untitled insulation of art work which appears to be a set of blue and white clay cacti. Immediately, what captivated me the most about this artwork were the colors. Having visited Greece this past March, I connected the cool colors of the cacti with the colors of the churches off an island of Greece called Santorini. The pieces reminded me of the tranquil and beautiful nature of Greece. What I particularly liked most about Brittany Mojo’s work was the attention to detail and craftsmanship of her cacti pieces. The detail in the painting and technique she used for the clay royal blue house was amazing as well as the detail in the shaping of the clay for each cacti.  Reading her excerpt in the GLAMFA 2014 website, it was evident Mojo poured her emotion into every piece and used the chosen paints to do so.

I enjoyed looking at Brittany’s work and found it fascinating how she portrayed such emotion in small art pieces. I hope to see more of her work throughout the Cal State Long Beach art galleries and even on a professional basis. In my opinion, an artist who can portray their emotion and personality through a piece is a great artist and one who will succeed not just in school, but professionally. It was truly a pleasure observing Brittany Mojo’s work.

Artist Tag: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Mojo_2014.html

photo 2


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