Wk2-Activity-Photography (Instagram)

This week’s assignment of photography through the medium of Instagram was quite fun it the sense that you can make a great looking picture even from a cell phone camera. Although the assignment was to photograph our day in 4 pictures, I still wanted to display my passion for photography through an interesting and art conscious perspective. My passion as a film major, is to display meaning through an image, making art and beauty in a single photograph pop out even if the object is not what you would think of as sentimentally meaningful such a Brotman Hall. However, if you pair the beautiful warmth of the California sunset and the amazing blue pyramid behind Brotman Hall, you can esthetically make the image more appealing. Uploading my pictures on Istagram, I clicked on the hashtag #art110 and looked at the many other pictures taken by students. Some to be similar to mine and others were more obscure than the ones I had taken. Essentially upon looking at the photos they did have a sense of community to them in that students I do not know in my class have very similar lives to mine. Some live in dorms, eat at the dining halls, some even went to the club rush like I did. In a way, whether we all know each other or appear as strangers to one another, we in some form, have similar routines, interests, and personalities. Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment as I not only took some fun pictures throughout my day but, I also got to see how other students spent their day and what they took pictures of. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo


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