Wk1- Student Interview- Christine Trinh

As Freshman, it can be quite intimidating meeting other students, especially within a class of nearly 150 students. However, meeting Christine Trinh for the first time in my ART110 class came at an ease as we unexpectedly began a conversation with each other in the Max L. Gatov art gallery. At first I was nervous to meet and interview one of my classmates and couldn’t find the strength to walk up to a stranger and converse with them; something of my nature that I always seem to battle with. However, it was Christine who first  approached me and began the conversation, making it a huge relief for myself since I was so nervous to talk to anybody.

As we began to talk it became more and more easy to talk to Christine since she has a bubbly and welcoming personality about her that made my nervousness disappear. Christine, like myself is an incoming freshman at CSULB and that alone made it an easy transition to talk to her about since we are both new to the campus. An incoming freshman to CSULB, Christine is from Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach, CA and is currently a Business major. It is evident that her interest for business stems from a passion that I would later discover came from her experience as an active member in the business academy program at Ocean View. Discussing our majors, I could tell that Christine was deeply passionate about what she was studying and the career that lie ahead of her.

Transitioning from our background in high school and our home life, I asked Christine about which art piece moved her the most and why it had done so. She referred to “The Slaughter” video that was displayed in the front of the gallery. I was surprised at her response and was also intrigued to hear why she had been interested in that one the most. It wasn’t the nature in which the art piece was conveyed but rather the process in which slaughtering the animal and the grim procedure preparing meat took that caught her attention the most. I found her response quite interesting in the way of looking at a work of art that may be perceived as vulgar or difficult to watch to some. Observing some of the art pieces further, we bounced off ideas of what we thought some of the more difficultly interpreted pieces meant to us and what they perhaps meant to the artist. Contemplating the many ideas and themes behind the art pieces proved to be a fun event and something that I enjoyed since we both saw the art pieces at different angles. 

Overall I found that interviewing Christine was enjoyable,  making my first student interview a fun and memorable experience. It allowed me to come out of my shell and get to know my peers since they were also in the same boat as I was. Discussing our different ideas of the art pieces, our backgrounds as past high school students, as well as our interests proved to be a success and I am truly grateful to have met Christine because I made a new friend who was as nervous as I was to immerse themselves in an interview with a stranger in a largely populated class.

Artist Tag: Christine Trinh (ART110 Sec.2) 

 photo 3


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