Wk1-Artist Interview- April Bey

Walking through GLAMFA show within the CSULB Art Gallery Courtyard, a large quantity of art pieces ranging from photography, paintings, art installations, and videos displayed the many broad ranged art pieces that the artists centralized around their perception of what art is. These several mediums all captured several essential themes, however as many of these art pieces and themes could be obvious to the audience, several pieces proved to be quite intellectual as they made the audience truly think about what the piece and what the artist were saying.

California State University Northridge student and GLAMFA artist April Bey presented a medley of pieces that combined, centralized around the theme of “Who Do You Worship?”. This being a twist on a positively worshiped figure and a negatively worshiped figure who is worshiped solely not heir looks and stature within the media and pop culture.  The four large and colorful panels displayed instantly captivated me as they demanded attention across large white gallery walls. I immediately connected with Bey’s theme of   society being captivated and moved by the essence of celebrities raster than being moved by their talents.

Being on the opposite spectrum of how some worship celebrities and what they stand for, I’ve always been one to engage myself solely on the talents or products of the musician or actor/actress rather than who they really are and how they present themselves. Through the slogans painted across the four canvases, the idea that society worships these celebrities for the wrong reasons quickly came to mind as I studied each slogan and the photograph displayed. I agree with Bey’s views on society and pop culture today as we, prominent consumers of the “digital age” play a large role in inflating these views of celebrities and their influence upon not only their fans, but society as we know it.

I appreciate April Bey’s ideas and as a whole, the pieces presented were outstandingly expressive, conspicuous, and innovative. It is evident that Bey had an eye for not only the visual aspect of each pieces but the slogans as well and how they together meshed to create the overall theme and essential message. I enjoyed analyzing Bey’s art work and hope to see more of her pieces in the near future. Her bold ideas and originality captivated me instantly and I can’t help but show immense gratitude towards an artist who displays their ideas on a particular subject through a fresh and creative perspective.

April Bey- Who Do You Worship? photo 2

Artist Tag: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Bey_2014.html



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